ModTest Manual v2.14 - Read Device Identification (43/14)

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The Read Device Identification command reads identification "objects" from the slave.

  • Code. Select the required access type: Basic, Regular, Extended or Specific. Specific is used to read a single identification object. The other access types limit the range of objects returned.

  • First Object ID. Enter the ID of the first object to be requested. If you are using the Specific access type, this will be the only object read.

    The ID should be in the range 0 to 255. Although not required by the Modbus specification, the ID would normally be restricted to the range 0 to 2 for Basic access, and to the range 0 to 127 for Regular access.

  • Object ID. For each object expected in the response, enter its ID and click the Add button. You may then entered the expected object value in the Received Data table.

    If you want to remove an expected object, enter its ID (or select it in the Received Data table) and click the Delete button.