Modsak Manual v3.15 - 5.1.3. Sending raw data

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5.1.3. Sending raw data

The Send Raw Data page enables you to send arbitrary data to the slave. This is particularly useful for testing the error-handling capabilities of the slave.

The following values must be entered:

  • Count. Enter the number of bytes of data that you want to send.

  • Send data. Enter the data bytes that you want to send, in hex.

If you want to enter all the data bytes as a group using copy-paste or drag-and-drop (e.g. from the trace output), you should paste/drop on to a grey cell in the table. The Count value will be set automatically if you enter the data this way.

The data that you enter will be sent to the slave without adding any slave ID, function code or header/CRC/LRC bytes. If you want to send slave/function/header/CRC/LRC bytes, you will have to include these in the data that you enter.

When you send the data to the slave, any data received in response from the slave will be displayed in the Received Data table. This is also raw data, and will include any slave ID, function code or header/CRC/LRC bytes.