ModMultiSim help v3.06 - 4.3. Simulation Examples

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4.3. Simulation Examples

This section contains some complete simple simulation examples. The first is a simple chromatograph slave and this is followed by a simulation of a flow-computer. Simulations 3-5 illustrate feedback controllers in a Room-heating example, where successive simulations improve the slave's control over the room temperature. The Lift-station includes more detail in the modelling of the slave and the environment. The Gas-blending simulation is also a more detailed simulation but is a multi-slave system.

The program for each simulation is provided in a settings file so that you can run the simulation and play about with the environment or slave settings. Each of the following sections contains a GUIDE, which directs you to the place to load a simulation, and also to features of the simulation to notice while it is running, or to modify to produce different behaviour. (Note that if you modify registers or values beyond those suggested, you may find the simulation breaks down since there is no error checking to restrict the way registers are modified.) A program listing for each simulation is also provided in a table and this is followed by explanatory notes.

NB The tables for a slave simulation may have an extra 'Notes' column. This is only relevant if you need to link the registers in the simulation to the names for registers used in generic templates in the techniques section.