Wingpath Software

Wingpath supplies custom software and Modbus software products.

In our professional Modbus product range we have a number of Modbus test and configuration tools. These help software developers, system integrators and field service engineers to develop and maintain systems that use the Modbus protocol and its many extensions. The tools have evolved over many years in response to our own and our clients' needs when implementing and testing industrial networks and software using Modbus.

Modsak is an all-purpose Modbus test tool designed to act as a Modbus slave, a Modbus master, or a bridge between master and slave.

Like Modsak, ModMultiSim simulates a Modbus slave but additionally allows highly realistic simulations of multiple slaves in their environment. If you simply want to simulate a single slave, try out ModSlaveSim.

If you are testing slave devices only, ModMaster simulates a Modbus master.

All these tools have troubleshooting guides. In an area that has become overly complex through extensions and diverse interpretations from many device manufacturers, the troubleshooting guides provide invaluable help and reminders of what can go wrong.

We often provide enhancements as updates that are freely available to download after purchase.