Custom software development

We specialize in cross-platform applications in Java (e.g. for Linux, Windows, Unix, Apple Mac), and C/C++ application and system software for Linux/Unix. We can also produce software for Windows and embedded environments.

We have packages that we can use to implement systems that meet your specific requirements, for example: a package that optimizes space and minimizes wastage of materials (for applications such as packing, packaging, floor tiling, the layout and cutting of sheet materials, e.g. paper, glass, wood, metal); a Modbus protocol package, for applications such as slaves, masters, gateways, and translators to other protocols.

We can take a project through its complete cycle, from understanding your requirements, through design and implementation, to testing and commissioning. We particularly enjoy solving tough problems, but we can tackle the smaller jobs too, such as enhancing your existing application, porting it to a different environment, or even fixing bugs for you!

Wingpath has its own development facilities. However, we can also work at your premises if we need to use your specialized equipment or software, or if we need to liaise particularly closely with you.

We will normally quote a fixed price for a complete project. Where the extent of the work is less clear, we charge by the hour. Larger projects will usually require a preliminary investigation before a firm quote can be given; this preliminary stage will be charged for separately.