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Level Upgrade

Fill in this form to upgrade to a less restrictive licence for the same product version (e.g. to upgrade from ModSnmp-300 to ModSnmp-600).

If you want to upgrade to a later version of a product (e.g. from Modsak 2 to Modsak 3), you should use the version upgrade form.

The price of the upgrade will be the current difference in price between the old and new licences.

In order to upgrade a licence, you must already have a full registration for the product. This registration must be for the user/machine for which you want the upgrade.

If you have not already done so, you should select the Help->Upgrade option of the product - this will display the product Registration Key, which you should enter in the form below.

If you want to upgrade more than one licence, you will need the Registration Key for each user/machine that has the old version installed. These Registration Keys should be entered in the form below, one per line.

Product:  HelpSelect the licence that you want to upgrade to.
*Registration Keys: HelpEnter the Registration Keys for the users/machines that you want to upgrade, one per line.
The Registration Key is displayed in the upgrade dialog displayed when you select the product's Help->Upgrade menu option.
Country:  HelpSelect the country that the registration keys are to be delivered to.
This information is needed for tax purposes.