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Transfer a registration

Please use the following procedure if you want to move a registration from one computer to another. This procedure should also be used if, for example, you want to replace your computer, upgrade the operating system or change the registered user.

In all cases, you should do step 1 of the procedure BEFORE scrapping the old computer, upgrading the OS or deleting the old user.

Note that this transfer procedure is for occasional use only. If you want to use the software regularly on different computers, you will need to purchase a licence for each computer.

Do the following steps to transfer a registration:

  1. Download the program deregister.jar and run it on your old system using the command:

    java -jar deregister.jar
    This will provide you with a "Transfer key" (and will remove the product registration from that system).

    If the old system is not usable, you can provide the registration key or licence key for the old system instead of the transfer key. Note that you will be charged for the transfer if you don't provide a transfer key.
  2. If you are upgrading the operating system, do that now.
  3. Download the product onto the new (or upgraded) system, run it, and enter the user and company names in the registration dialog. This will provide you with a new "Product ID".

    If you already have an evaluation registration on the new system, you can use the registration key (displayed in the Help->About dialog) instead of the Product ID.

    Note that you must install the same major version (the number before the '.') of the product that you have a licence for. If the licence is for an older version of product, you can download the product here.
  4. Fill in the form below to request a registration key for the new system.

Transfers are normally free of charge, but you will be charged £45 if you don't provide a transfer key. Also, if you request transfers too frequently, you may be charged or the transfer may be disallowed.

* Transfer key:  HelpEnter the transfer key obtained by running deregister.jar on the old machine.
If you don't have a transfer key, enter the registration key or licence key.
* User:  HelpEnter the full name of the person who will be using the program.
This should be exactly the same user name as you entered into the registration dialog of the program.
* Machine ID:  HelpEnter the name (or some other identification) of the computer that you are registering the program on.
* Company:  HelpEnter the name of your company.
This should be exactly the same company name as you entered into the registration dialog of the program.
* Product ID:  HelpDownload and run the program on the new machine, and enter your user name and company name in the program's registration dialog. A 'Product ID' will be displayed in the registration dialog - you should enter this Product ID here.
Note that the Product ID is generated using the user and company names, so you must enter exactly the same names here as you entered in the program's registration dialog.
* Email:  HelpEnter the email address that the registration key should be sent to.
Please note that we do not deliver keys to "free" email addresses using domains such as gmail.com.
We will not pass your email address on to any third party, and we will not send you unsolicited emails.
Country:  HelpSelect the country that the registration keys are to be delivered to.
This information is needed for tax purposes.