ModTest Manual v2.14 - 1.4. Setup overview

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1.4. Setup overview

This section gives an overview of how to set up ModTest.

The pages used for setup are from Settings group of pages listed on left of the main window. Each page has a Help button, which provides context-sensitive help on the page.

You can set up ModTest using the following steps:

  • Use the Interface to Slave page (see Interface settings) to configure the interface to the Modbus slave.

  • If the slave uses 32-bit or 64-bit values, configure the handling of these using the 32/64-bit Values page (see 32/64-bit Value Settings).

  • You may also want to configure the Number of Retries and Response Timeout in the General page (see General settings).

  • Click the Run button to open the connection to the Modbus slave.

You may then send individual Modbus commands to the slave using the Define Command page (see Commands).

You may close the connection to the slave by clicking the Run button, and re-open it by clicking the Run button again.