ModTest Manual v2.14 - 3.3. Viewing and editing command definitions

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3.3. Viewing and editing command definitions

You can view or edit a defined command using the View/Edit Command page.

Use the Command drop-down list to select the command to be viewed/edited.

The expected and actual result of the command will be displayed in the page. The expected values and outcome are those that were saved when you defined (or last edited) the command. The actual values and outcome are from the last time that you sent the command to the slave. Any differences between the expected and actual values/outcome are highlighted in red.

If you change any values, click Apply to save the changes.

To restore the values to their last saved state, click the Reset button.

You can use the actual outcome and values as the expected outcome and values by clicking the Expect actual button.

You can make a copy of the command by clicking the Copy button. The copy of the command will be displayed in the Define Command page, where you can modify it (if required), name it, and save it.

You can send the command to the slave (before or after saving it) by clicking the Test button.