ModSnmp Manual v3.14 - 13.2. Running under Windows

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13.2. Running under Windows

In order to run ModSnmp as a server under Windows, you need to create a scheduled task that is started at system startup.

The following steps describe how to do it under Windows XP. Other versions of Windows are similar.

  • Select startAll ProgramsAccessoriesSystem ToolsScheduled Tasks to open the Scheduled Tasks window.

  • Select FileNewScheduled Task to create a new task, and enter a name for the task (e.g. "modsnmp").

  • Double-click on the new task to open the Properties dialog.

  • Enter the command to start ModSnmp in the Run field, for example:

    java -jar modsnmp3.14.jar -nogui config.xml

    You will have to enter full pathnames for the modsnmp3.14.jar and config.xml files.

  • If necessary, enter or edit the user name in the Run as field. This user must have administrative privileges and have a password.

  • Click Set password and enter the user's password.

  • The Run only if logged on checkbox should not be selected.

  • The Enabled checkbox should be selected.

  • In the Schedule tab, select Schedule TaskAt System Startup

  • In the Settings tab, deselect the Stop task if it runs for checkbox.