ModSnmp Manual v3.14 - 5.2. Editing Device Types

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5.2. Editing Device Types

A Modbus device type can be edited using the Edit Device Type page. Use the Select Device Type drop-down list to select the device type to be edited.

To edit the name, description or 32/64-bit values settings, change the values as required and click Apply to save the changes.

ModSnmp uses a table of "object types" (see Section 6, “Object Types”) to map SNMP objects to the variables of a Modbus device type. This table is displayed in the Edit Device Type page. You can select which columns are displayed in the object types table using the ViewObject Type Columns menu item.

See Section 6.3, “Defining Object Types” for how to add object types to the table, and Section 6.4, “Editing Object Types” for how to edit object types.

Object types can be deleted using the table in the Edit Device Type page:

  • To delete an object type, select it in the table and the click the Delete button.

  • To delete several object types, select them by clicking on them while holding down the control key, and then click the Delete button.

  • To delete all the object types, click the Delete All button.

To move one or more object types in the table, select them and then drag-and-drop them to the required position using the mouse.

To move object types using the keyboard, select them and type Ctrl-X. Use the arrow keys to move to the required position and then type Ctrl-V.

If you are moving more than one object type, the object types must be next to each other in the table.