ModSnmp Manual v3.14 - 5.1. Adding Device Types

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5.1. Adding Device Types

The Add Device Type page enables you to define Modbus device types. To add a Modbus device type, enter the following data and then click Apply.

  • Name. Enter a name for the device type. This is used to refer to the device type when adding a device.

  • Description. Optionally enter a description of the device type. This is displayed in the Device Types page, but is not used by ModSnmp in any other way.

  • 32/64-bit Values. If devices of this type use 32-bit or 64-bit values, select the appropriate checkboxes to indicate how the devices transmit these values. These options are described in Section 5.5, “32/64-bit Value Settings”.

  • Use Write-Single function. ModSnmp normally uses function code 15 (Write Multiple Coils) and function code 16 (Write Multiple Registers) to do Modbus writes. If the device does not support function codes 15 and 16, you can select this checkbox to use function code 5 (Write Single Coil) and function code 6 (Write Single Register) instead.

  • Supports Device Identification. Select this checkbox if the device supports function code 43/14 (Read Device Identification). ModSnmp will then use this function to read identification information from the device and make it available to the SMNP manager.

When you have added the device type, you should use the Edit Device Type page to define the object types used by the device type.