ModSlaveSim help v3.06 - 1.7. General Notes on the User Interface

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1.7. General Notes on the User Interface

Most of the interface can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts as well as the mouse. For example, the File menu can be displayed by using ALT-F (hold down the ALT key and press the F key at the same time), or by using the mouse. In accord with convention, the mnemonic to use with ALT is underlined in the label - whether on the menubar or another dialog.

If you know what menu item you want to access then for some menu items you can go directly to that item without pressing ALT-F. For example to open a file you can type Ctrl-O (press the Ctrl key and the O key at the same time). For each toolbar button, there is also a menu item and corresponding shortcut.

Aside from menus, there are mnemonic-shortcuts available for most fields on panels in the settings dialog SettingsEdit Settings.... For example, if you select the Add Register panel, the Value field can be accessed directly by the ALT-V key combination without tabbing through the fields in sequence, or moving the mouse cursor .

Additionally you can use the mnemonic-shortcut ALT-H to access help specific to the current panel in the settings dialog. You can also use the ESC button to close a dialog (excluding the main dialog where the shortcut Ctrl-Q button exits from the program and, of course, the main dialog).