ModMultiSim help v3.06 - A. Comma-Separated-Values (CSV) format

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A. Comma-Separated-Values (CSV) format

  • Each entry (i.e a slave register) should be on a separate line.

  • Each column on a line should be separated by a comma.

  • The first line of the file should be a line containing the column headings.

  • The remaining lines should contain the values for those columns (i.e. for each slave register)

  • The headings and values must be within double quotes if there are any spaces within the heading or value, or if they contain a double quote or comma. Ideally for clarity, both values and headings would be within double quotes.

  • Any double quote within a value or heading should be escaped with another double quote.

For Modbus slave registers there must be an "Address" column. There may also be "Name", "Value", "Type", "Radix", "RW" and "Statement" columns. Aside from these, other columns will be ignored.