ModMultiSim help v3.06 - 1.4. Running Example Simulations

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1.4. Running Example Simulations

This section shows how you can view and run a Modbus device simulation using a settings file provided with ModMultiSim.

On the File menu select Simulation Examples... and click on a simulation that you want to view in order to load it.

When the simulation is loaded it is displayed in the main window and notes describing the simulation are displayed in a separate window. In the notes look for the indented, shaded section labelled GUIDE, which suggests features of the simulation to notice or to play with. The guide suggests some registers or values to change, but note that there is no error checking on the values entered, so of ypu deviate too much from the suggested changes, the simulation may break down, so you might, for example, end with a negative flow rate. (A program listing and explanatory notes for each simulation are also provided to look at after you run the simulation.)

When you are ready to start, press the Run Slave Simulation button on the toolbar, and press it again to stop or pause the simulation.

To make it easier to see features of a simulation, you can pause the simulation whenever you wish to see how the values change, then restart it again when ready.

To view a simulation again from the beginning, reload it from the File menu, but stop the simulation first.

If you want to try a different simulation, again just load it, the previous simulation will be deleted automatically.

The first few simulations in the list are fairly simple and they illustrate techniques that are often sufficient for testing masters. The later examples are more advanced and allow more fine-grained testing of a master.

After an initial trial run of one or more simulations, you might either opt to understand a simulation in more detail, or to configure some of your own settings. If you choose to understand a simulation further it is worth reading the short section Introduction to programming simulations and the Language: Quick Start Guide before looking at the program listing and explanatory notes for the simulation.

When you are ready to configure your own system settings, a quick guide is provided in Setting up ModMultiSim.